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TonyBet Poker Review


Founded by the legendary live pro Tony G, TonyBet opened its doors for business in 2009. A relatively new face on the scene, the company originally started out as the sportsbook Omnibet in 2003 until its rebrand. Based in Lithuania, the country of Tony’s birth, the website is more than just a poker room now, with sports betting available, along with a casino, and even a lottery.

Now controversially an official sponsor of the Lithuanian basketball team, TonyBet has circumvented the blanket ban on gambling advertising in the country as they fight to grow into a major player in such a competitive market. In 2013 they spread their wings even further by signing contracts with basketball teams throughout Lithuania and Estonia, as well as branching into football and volleyball sponsorship. Not only that, but they are now a main sponsor of a Porsche Carrera racing team.

As with most websites these days, USA based players are not allowed to play for real money, but the company is fully licensed throughout most of the European region.


Depositing and Withdrawing

Due to strict gambling laws in Lithuania it is required that your identity is verified before you

even get started at TonyBet. Proof of address with photo ID must be confirmed as acceptable in order to deposit.

Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe, and bank transfers are methods accepted at TonyBet, with other types available for specific countries.

Already after a relatively short time in business, they have built a reputation for speedy withdrawals, with most landing in your account within two days, but up to four days isn’t unheard of.

They pride themselves on using the standard industry security encryption to ensure your funds are always transferred safely. Just because TonyBet is one of the newer and smaller options available, don’t think that they don’t take this seriously.



The software client gives players an interface which is easy on the eye. It is well designed, which makes it simple to navigate your way around to whatever you are looking for.

Many customisations are available, with a wide range of avatars to choose from. You can change your table and deck colour, along with the popular four-colour deck option. Tiling and cascading tables at the click of a button is also possible.

TonyBet is compatible with every machine type you can think of. PC and Mac are both supported, with mobile phone and tablet clients available for download.

For players who prefer to play as close to a live experience as possible, you will be happy to learn that database software and HUDs are not supported.



Hold’em and PLO are the busiest tables, as they are at all the other sites, but what makes TonyBet unique is being the ONLY online poker provider to supply a good spread of Open Face Chinese Poker.

NL and PLO tables from €2 up to €1000 are available, but traffic is a bit slow past the €50 mark.

The tournament offerings have increased over the last year; MTTs from €1 up to €400 run every day. There are plenty of micro stakes Sit and Go’s running to fill in the time between the larger events. These are all super-soft and seem to be exclusively populated by beginners.

Along with the weekly majors and freerolls, there is plenty to keep a tournament player occupied, but not enough for a professional’s schedule. All the popular variants of OFC are spread, with stakes ranging from €0.02 up to €100.

Pineapple, Progressive Pineapple, 2-7 Pineapple, and Turbo are all here to enjoy.

Overall, due to the fact there are only a few hundred players logged in at any one time these games are much softer than can be found on the bigger sites.



TonyBet offers one of the best bonus deals to be found in online poker. A €2000 100% deposit bonus is offered to all players. Before you get too excited you should understand that you only have 60 days to release the money which comes in €10 increments. For each €40 you pay in rake €10 will be credited to your account. So micro stakes players should be aware that it might not be feasible to take advantage of the whole offer.

For those who only want to deposit a small amount you might be happy with a free €10 tournament ticket to play for €2500, which everybody receives regardless of the amount deposited.

The rake back system is unlike any other found online. Everybody receives 25% in bonus each week, but depending on how much you win or lose there could be much more on the way. If you end the day up more than €100 then 25% is all you get. For between €100 up or down you receive an extra 25% for 50% total rakeback. Lose more than €100 and you receive an extra 55% for 80% total rakeback.

With rakeback bonus deals being scaled back all the time, this is a seriously good offer.


Customer Service

Telephone support in English, Russian, and Lithuanian is available. There is no live chat facility, but email support in English, Russian, Lithuanian, French, German, Portuguese, and Estonian is provided.

The vast majority of experience reports have been positive, with fast response times from knowledgeable staff making the exchange a pleasant one.


Final Thoughts

TonyBet might not be ideal for the serious grinder who looks to play a ton of volume on a single site, but with the softness of the games never in doubt it’s a great little spot to take advantage and help your win rate stay as high as possible.

The bonus itself makes TonyBet worth trying out, even if you can’t manage to scoop the whole €2000 in 60 days.

With the casino and bookmakers tied into a single client with the poker room, this is another place where a non-poker player might decide to splash out after a big win on the football, or Blackjack table. With games getting tougher by the week, finding a player like this can make a big difference.

Well worth a look, in my opinion.

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